Protecting the Environment

We care about the environment and believe that if we all make small, sustainable changes to our lives then these will all add together to form big change across the planet. 


At 'The Coastal Bolthole' we use only renewable electricity produced from wind farms, solar power and biomass to power the property. We are also investigating converting the house from gas-fired central heating to an Air Source Heat Pump linked to renewable energy.

Cleaning Products

We only use environmentally friendly vegetable based cleaning products from Ecover within the house. 

CoastLiner Bus

The house is centrally located on the coast with access to all villages being achieved by jumping on the 'CoastLiner' bus which stops at all the main villages. You can find their timetable here . There is a bus stop for buses going west opposite the White Horse Inn (150 metres from the house). For buses going east, the bus stop is opposite the garage at Burnham Deepdale (400m).


We encourage our guests to recycle whatever they can. The 'Guide to Recycling' can be found below.